who is by ells?

Well, this is always a hard question. I suppose, to future clients, I am the greatest graphic designer you could possibly think to hire (have I convinced you? no, didn’t think so). I am an artist, a romantic, a doodler, an illustrator, an introvert, an avid tea drinker, a graphic designer, a lover of textiles, a photographer - but for quickness purposes, I would say “Ellie Turner is a maker of things”. 


I wouldn’t say I directly associate myself with being a graphic designer, even though I am. I consider myself more of a digital artist. I think that's simply because ever since I was about 3 years old, an artist is all I have ever wanted to be. 


At the tender age of two, my mum and dad bought me a magnetic drawing board and back then, little me drew what kind of, in an abstract way, resembled a head from Picasso's cubism era. My parents thought this was turner prize worthy art and obviously documented this moment with many (and I mean many) photographs. 


Art and design is always something that has been in my family. both my grandfathers were avid painters and photographers, my grandmother was a dressmaker, my dad a lover of art and my mother a lover of interior design. With this upbringing, it was obvious I would take the route of an art and design background. 


I have always lived by the idea that art is for yourself, its freedom, there are no rules but the ones you decide for yourself. Then, there is graphic design, which has a plethora of rules and guidelines. I soon fell in love with graphic design on my art foundation course. as an inquisitive person, I enjoyed learning and developing skills. I thrived on the excitement of what each brief would challenge me to create next. also, I liked the idea of designing for people and that everything I created had to communicate with the audience. There is no room for abstract in graphic design.   


What I love about art is the freedom of expression and colour. But what I love the most is signing my name at the bottom right corner of my work with the pseudonym artist signature that I have had since the age of 6 and will forever keep… by ells.

core values.

passionate   .    determined   .   inspiring   .   friendly   .   understanding 


I studied Art and Design, specialising in Graphic Design at the Camberwell College of Art for a year, completing a foundation course. This is where I discovered my love of graphic design.


Before studying there my plan was to study Fine Art. At Camberwell my tutor Wendy told me that I had a good eye and brain for Graphic Design. I decided to take my specialism in Graphic Design and did very well, achieving a merit grade.


After my year at Camberwell, I felt that there was so much to learn about the background and history of this subject. I decided to go to the University of Greenwich to study Graphic and Digital Design. Here I learnt how to think like a graphic designer. I found my passion for branding and how in depth you have to go to achieve a solid brand foundation. I learnt the importance of colour psychology and layout design. I graduated in the summer of 2017 with a 2:1 grade. 

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